About the Repair Specialist App

How to Find Mobile Repair Services & Truck Repair Shops Near You

When trucks break down at the roadside or need some repair work while on the road, it can be challenging to find assistance – let alone the best possible nearby assistance. That is where the Repair Specialist app shines. The Repair Specialist mobile app will help you easily find nearby mobile service trucks, tire shops, towing and repair shops for your commercial truck and trailer.

Truck drivers: use Repair Specialist App to find repair shops and mobile service trucks in your area to get you fixed up and back on the road quickly. The app finds the nearest mobile service technicians or truck repair shops, and lets you choose one by rating, billing rates or distance from you. After the job is done, the app includes full billing and details so you can keep all your records handy on your mobile device, with a breakdown of all charges associated with the truck repair. The app also lets you communicate details of the breakdown –complete with pictures -- so the repair technician can assess the job to ensure he has the skills to perform the repair, saving you time and money.

The Repair Shop side of the app will let you know which truck and trailer repair shops in your area are taking immediate bookings so you can get your unit fixed faster than traditional booking. The app also puts you in touch with the repair shops so you can book an appointment even if they cannot assist you immediately.

For mobile repair technicians, the app streamlines your business and payments. It will process preauthorization holds on customer credit cards, ensuring you will get paid for the job. Full history of all truck or trailer repairs will be at your fingertips in your mobile device or on your computer at home when you login to the website. Pick up more jobs -- or pick up jobs on the side to make a little extra money.

Login screen for Repair Specialist app.
Main/map screen in Repair Specialst app
Requesting mobile repair truck sceen in Repair Specialist app
Choosing a mobile repair service truck from a list of repair specialists in the Repair Specialist app
Viewing mobile repair special rating and reviews in Repair Specialist app
View of mobile service truck on map while travelling to your location, in the Repair Specialist app
Showing past truck repair jobs, including date, description, photos, cost and detail in the Repair Specialist app